[Standalone or vRP] [Realese] MedicHealth

Hi there!
Does anyone know how to add pricing to this script? I want to be able to have the hospital bill you for using the check in and getting patched up

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This problem had been encountered in an older version as early as 1 day or more has been resolved try to reinstall the resource from the GitHub site. For any other problem, please write here, on discord or telegram.

This function has already been implemented in the version with the vRP base, consult the link indicated above.

Could you direct me to the file with the line of code(s)?

In server.lua at line 12

I feel that you have some kind of mental retardation XD

Thank you.
So to make it work for ESX, just change vrp to esx?

I have absolutely no skills to tell you what to change to transform the ESX script

Damn, okay. Thank you for trying to help anyway.

I would pay to have more locations added, at-least sandy and paleto!!! Wish i knew how lol! Just need ways for players to heal up north. No standalone medic/health resources.

Cool Script :slight_smile:

For those of you wanting more locations, I know enough about coding to get in my own way for the most part, but from looking over the code for this, you could easily clone the script for each location and set the coords relative to each. Basically run this for pillbox, and a modified copy for paleto and another for sandy

I might try that because iā€™m getting better at this stuff and having players only be able to fully heal at a hospital is genius.

This is so cool, I want to ask if someone can tell me how to make a webhook to discord, so we can see who is abusing the revive . CHEERS !