[Standalone] North Yankton [v1.0.0]

Hello everyone! I have forked the following script and “converted” it from ESX, to make it work with no dependencies.

This is pretty simple so I am just going to put a couple of pictures showcasing it.





North Yankton


Download HERE

  1. After downloading the resource just put it in your server as you would with any other resource.
  2. Download and add NativeUILua
  3. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

There is no configuration for this release.


This is sick, good job!

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Fixed the script, forgot to do a couple things, all should be working :slight_smile:

Good work with the new version of it. Well done! :+1:

Is it necessary to map North Yankton to use this script or is the map built-in? Good work bro

The map is part of the game, and seeing the script it loads it

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Excuse me, the truth is that I did not take a look at the script. Thanks for clarifying this. Cheers!

Hey! This looks great! Unfortunately it is not working for me, any chance you could pm me? Also: My problem is the 3d text at LSIA is not showing up.


I’m able to get this working on a bone stock server with no other resources. Check to see if that works for you. If it does, then a resource is causing this not to work, you will have to figure this out on your own. Come back here if your problem still persists after that.

it’s also not working for me even tried it without all my other resources and it still didn’t work i also don’t get any errors so idk what the problem could be

Just uploaded my version. Try redownloading.

Edit: i can confirm that the latest upload is working, i deleted my local copy, cloned the current version. If you have other errors, please post back :slight_smile:

Nvm it wasn’t working because i didn’t have NativeUI installed on my server now it works fine. Maybe add NativeUI as a dependency or tell in the instructions that people have to have NativeUI installed so that it works.

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Shoot, my bad, I didn’t. I will make sure to add that.

No problem I’m glad that I could help and solve that issue maybe @Hayden_Williams has the same issue as me.

Works well, however do you know where map boundaries are? if you drive too far down a road you fall through the ground into the normal GTA V map ocean below. Would be nice if we could put a road block (don’t know if you can edit NYankton in Codewalker or similar?) or somthing in place so it is clear what the playable bounds are :slight_smile:

Very good job! but the thing is that can you make the map better yo fall throug the ground in some places

umm so i tryed downloading it but uhh yeah it’s removed? Imgur: The magic of the Internet