[Standalone] NeroHiro’s Keyboard v2 - Now for RedM & FiveM


I decided to reopen my support for my keyboard as well, it now supports both FiveM and RedM!

reasoning for coding this: I was trying to find a good looking Keyboard Input Script that wasn’t the god awful looking default FiveM one and couldn’t find it so I coded this simple NUI script for it, it’s dynamic and allows for as many options as you can fit on your screen. Full Details on how to use it are in the Readme on the github!

This goes pretty hand in hand with my other menu resource: nh-context


Main Features:

  1. Dynamic Menu that will stretch down to fit your needs
  2. Clean looking modern UI that doesn’t make you want to vomit
  3. Free?

If you need instructions on installation/use just read the Readme on the github!



I like this a lot! Nice and clean.

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Thank you, looks amazing!

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Awesome! Love this on my server

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can u add more type of input like password or check box?

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You can add a password yourself, add another input box and then check whether the input matches a predefined input being held in a variable

I think they mean the input type be password so it hides the content typed.

hey man do you still have the v1 script? cause my script uses your nh-keyboard but the v1