[Standalone] Minimalist Loading Screen Script for FiveM - [Version 2.2]

V2 is here. This version is a complete refactor of the original one and is more optimized and has better and more comprehensive code.

This new version comes with a new company name and a little script named just to maintain myself clear.

Key Features:

  1. Clean Design: Adopt a minimalistic approach for a polished and professional loading screen.
  2. Easy configuration: Better configuration config.
  3. Gallery: Now you can select whether a gallery background can be random or sequential.
  4. Custom Buttons You can add custom buttons with custom text
  5. Social Buttons You can add all your socil media buttons you need.


Add changelog sections.
Add welcome message
Add fullscreen button
Add video option for background.
Add music option.
Add music and video controls.

Download Link: w_loading



Nice one, could youi add the possibility to add more backgroundss with a clean transition=?

I will work on it when i will get a little extra time

Glad to anounce the new era of my scripts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: