[STANDALONE] Manual Gear System (Arcade/Realistic Mode)

Enhance your driving experience on your FiveM Server, with our manual shifting script, by setting the cars you want with this setting without editting any meta file and with sound effects.

Different Modes for differentes server

Not all people like immersive realism, but they do like those little touches that can make a server innovative. At GN Store we care about all types of servers from Arcade to HeavyRP, we present our system with two different modules that each server owner can select according to his community.

  • Realistic Mode: Adds a touch of realism, where in order to accelerate the vehicle you have to be in first gear, also applying the opposite and to be able to go backwards you have to be in R gear, where you have to shift manually.
  • Arcade Mode: The player will be able to reverse without needing to be in R gear, as well as not needing to be in gear 1 to be able to start driving, however, he/she will have to change gear while driving.

Combine multiple modules included in our script

  • Tyre Explosion: Set that when the car reaches maximum revs, if the player does not upshift the tyres may explode with a fully configurable chance and the possibilty to enable and disable this module.
  • Vehicle Stall: The engine will start and stop when the revolutions are too high and the gear is not correct with a fully configurable chance and the possibilty to enable and disable this module.

Planned features

  • Creation of an API so that server programmers can make their own modules for the script.
  • Creation of more modules integrated in the script.

Fast Showcase: YouTube
Tebex: Tebex
Documentation: Gitbook

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +800
Requirements None
Support Yes

Nice script


IDLE 0.00
Manual Car: ~0.03


  • Implemented Gear Sound at pressing the change keys
  • Optimized some threads at being stopped with the vehicle

Is there an animation of the player changing gears?

Yes, there is animation when you change the gear