[Standalone] Inside Track (Horse Bet)

check around line 148 for a Playsound() function and comment that out.
The sound doesn’t stop because the function currently in to stop it is built into esx V1Final, and you may be on 1.1

as for the money, you will need to integrate it with ESX

This sound bug is not even related to ESX (as this resource is standalone anyway). I fixed it, download the new version.

ahh, thanks

waiting for the event hehehe

If I have some time I will do it soon.

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How do I exit this window?

Press Backspace.

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I have a Problem !! I always get this error ( [script:mp_insidetrac] [mp_insidetrack]: You need to use 2060 game build (or above) to use this resource.) and I have version 4394

Version 4394 is the Fivem artifacts version, you need to update the game build

Cool if this could be restricted to the casino inside track area, rather than anywhere in the city.

Disable the command and set a marker instead. Easy to do.

True and i’ve done it through an NPC and on tablet.

and how ?

Gamebuild is different to artifacts

That’s pretty much what my comment says

How to integrate to esx , that player can play with casino chips

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Thnx, really like it.

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This is the best coding I have ever seen on FiveM. You seem to have experience, good work!

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Thanks, appreciate it !

you must put some lines of code (and add an item in your database) for using an item to play

i use “jeton” (french translate of chips) in my case for all Casino’s games. Works fine except multiplayer mode.