[Standalone] IF Deathscreen FREE V1


  • Fully Customizable Via Config
  • 0.0ms (Best Optimize)
  • Full Responsive UI (4k Supported)


  • All Frameworks (Standalone)



IF Tebex

| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | Yes |
| Lines (approximately) | +300 |
| Requirements | Standalone |
| Support | Yes |


love this but it pops up and instantly disappears

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it pops up for a sec then disappears in qbcore would be nice if you could create a trigger to trigger it <3

Yeah buddy we’ve tried it, brilliant if it stayed on haha… it pops up and then leaves

delete the death functions from ambulancejob

could you tell me for qb?

remove client/dead.lua from qb-ambulance job

thanks waited long for a open source deathscreen <3

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hi nice work bro

how i can intragate this with esx ?

Thank you
did you try it ?

i try but didnt work it

can you help me ?

Hey, i like the Design of your Script, but i have one Problem.
I have deactivated the Death Function in ambulancejob, but when i get revived with ambulance revive or admin revive when the 5 minute timer is ended i spawn in hospital.

did not work

it instant Shows and Deshows you know?

show works when you remove death func

it does show then despawns the ui