[STANDALONE] [FREE] Jakes Burger Van

Jakes Burger Van!
Below, you will be able to find a van that can be used for Roleplay’s, it’s for a business called " Jakes Burgers " In addition to this, there is no MLO for this VAN, And is prefferebly for a character that goes via the name of "Jake "

I made it within a hour just as a mess around, and decided as I am not going to use it to post it for free use here on the CFX Forums.

Below, you are able to find the Preview and the Download.

You can download it Here

This vehicle is 100% Copyright and FiveM Compliant, there is no Badges within the Vehicle, and Jakes burgers is a Unique business name, and is not used anywhere in Real Life, All the branding created is fully created by myself, and nothing is copyrighted / trademarked.

The vehicle replaces no vehicles, and is spawnable via its unique spawn code of “jakesburg”, you can change this. But don’t touch it unless you are aware of what you are doing. The vehicle handles like the “speedo” van, to prevent it from Tipping, or anything along them lines.



be cool if u could move around in the back of the van

Be nice to be able to walk into the back and walk in side of it so you can RP with it and use it as a food truck , Also the textures when you open the back doors are all messed up on doors and floor

Did you download the New one? It should be fixed…

Will try it , you able to get in this one?

Negative, I’m finding a way to do so. Unsure how at the minute

how do you open it

Ok , let us know when you done it , thanks ,

It’s prefferbly for QBCore so you can open the Interaction menu, the door for it is the Trunk!