[STANDALONE] Fly to Any Airport with a NPC airplane ❤

Thank you, take your time. This resource is amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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SCRIPT ERROR: @airports/server/server.lua:11: attempt to index a nil valuee[0m

l11 : if xPlayer.getAccount(‘money’).money >= price then
l12 : xPlayer.removeAccountMoney(‘money’, price)
l13 : TriggerClientEvent(“airports:departure”, _source, x, y, z, heading, start, destination)

from cayo… plus its landing the plane to cayo in the water, i have the build 2189 active but…

You have to request the island via IPLs. I have a resource you can use to get the island in

i have added one in the past but the server took ages on the loading screen… i have the build set i can go there flying myself but not with the NPC…

That’s because you were streaming the entire island. You need to be on build 2189 and Request the IPLs. Weird that it won’t work for you with this script as I’ve tried it along with my resource :thinking:

i added a new ipl pack and now is working smooth :slight_smile: thanks for the help

Just one question is possible to change the hight that the npcs fly before getting to the landing area? im using XN Real Planes for our player pilots. and is warning about the hight. :slight_smile:

Hello @TayMcKenzieNZ ,

I wan’t to close the Hangar doors, do you know how to do?
Or do you have the files for me, because you had closed them in V.2


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I don’t no, remove hangar files and it’ll go back to normal and be closed. I opened them for a reason.

love the script (pretty much any dutch release at this point)
the only thing i dont like is that indestructible plane killer of a TREE in sandy when i get back in the city…

Github link is not working

The Github Link is not work

I guess this is gone since the github repo is missing?

can i get a new link because when i open the github link it says that 404 notfound