qbcore heavily modified

Interesting, it should work then. Let’s take this to PM for further troubleshooting.

I get the same on ESX Legacy 1.3.5. Latest script updates and SQL table created.


@Skeetzy the issue with driftmissle was that he changed the mysql queries when he shouldnt have, and was resolved when not modifying the code.

In your case, do you use oxmysql? If not then you will have to adjust the mysql query. Or let me know what mysql you use so i can add implementation.

Otherwise if it’s not a mysql related issue, can you send me a screenshot of the error so I can have a better idea of what the issue is.

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do you have an update coming to fix the esx/sharedevent? I have a workaround in place so the scripts work as they should, but the red lettering is killing my OCD…lol

I don’t have an ESX server setup so anything I have implemented with ESX is going off of what they have in the git repo. So, if you have some improvements that you’d like in the script, send me a message with the code and I can add it in.

Also, I’m not sure exactly what you mean with the red lettering, could you send me a screenshot of what you’re talking about?

yeah, no problem… .easy fix, actually…

Ahh ok, was this a recent update? Also, what version of esx are you using? Since there is like 2 actively maintained repos.

I’m currently moving to Legacy 1.9.1. Last time I spoke with Mycroft, I think anything after 1.8.5 is going to need it

Just released update 3.5 for ct_dragstrip and update 1.1 for ct_dragstrip_elo.

CT_DragStrip Changes from 3.4 to 3.5:

  • Updated the ESX Core Getter to the latest standard.

CT_DragStrip_ELO Changes from 1.0 to 1.1

  • Updated the ESX Core Getter to the latest standard.

Both are now available on keymaster to download.

<3 where do i find the ELO download? is in the update?

Login to my tebex store with your cfx account and there is a free download for the ELO script. Just enter 0.00$ for it to be free, or if you’re feeling generous add whatever you’d like.

Sorry it’ll be under the Standalone section, or for those with the subscription it is under the subscription category.

Are you able to pull out the Zancudo Drag strip and just run the one in Sandy?

Yes, simply remove the zancudo portion from the stream folder and in the polyzones cfg, comment out or remove the zancudo entrys.

could there possibly be a way to remove or turn off the 2nd set of lights? make it more harder to guess timing (kinda like NHRA)?

There are 2 variables you can set one being the randomTimerMin and the other being randomTimerMax and on each race it will do math.rand(randomTimerMin,randomTimerMax) those variables are in MS.

That is how I have the random starting time set up.

i did tht it makes it so much better stopped those that were timing the light. now one last question. Is there a way to make the lane switcher set to a job? so just anyone can’t select it?

Currently no, but could be added in the future. I’ve been working on an update that will be changing how the lane switcher works a bit along with a few other things.

hello. i put everything required into my server and ensured it, but, its not showing up?

Is there any error messages? Have you made any changes? What framework is your server running?