[STANDALONE/ESX/QB/VRP] CT_DragStrip Fully Functioning Drag Light v3.2 (Updated 8/28/22) MULTI-TRACK SUPPORT | NOW WITH BETTING!

You need to start the PolyZone resource before ct_dragstrip.

i did

it still says the same thing

Sent you a DM for further assistance.

I’m having problems with the discord we hook not working

All you have to do with that is set your webhook for cfg.webhook = β€˜https://mywebhook.com’ and set cfg.enableWebhook = true. Obviously don’t use the url above as your webhook url. But after that you should be good to go, if not do you have any errors?

so how do we get the light tree to start working again we run the track twice and its like the drag tree stops working and doesnt want to light up

It should just keep working, do you have any errors client or server side?