[STANDALONE - ESX - QB] The Complete Vehicle System V2.0 - Park Anywhere, Unique Garages, In-Depth Parts, and many more!

Hey peeps,

released a newly only Parts version of the resource. Works completely both ESX and Qbus.

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Hey, is there a possibility to add a allowzone to the free parking? As in, that you can only park the vehicle in certain polyzones? This would make this script amazing!

We sincerely thank the creator who took all the time to help us with our framework.

He helped us as soon as possible, with a screen sharing and saved us a lot of time.

I highly recommend you if you are looking for quality and above all a very very good support.

Thanks a lot !

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Hey man,

that’s an interesting idea hmm. Well we could do that, the questions would be. What happens if the vehicle was parked elsewhere and not inside a PolyZone? Impounded?

And second question would be, how draining of performance would it be. As i can imagine having at least 4-8 different polyzones which we need for parking spots (Very doable as garages are also made with polyzones inside of an array). Also checking on resource stop/server stop if the vehicle locations were inside actually of a poly. It is doable though. Will have a test and let you know in around a week as i am heavily loaded with updates. :heart:

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Hey, thanks a lot for the fast response and you willing to implement/test it!

An idea here from me:
Because of course, just impounding as soon as they step out of the vehicle would not be very realistic and would also be very annoying for the player. I was thinking more of a system that would notify them they cannot park there once they step out of their vehicle. And send out a message or alert to people with a tow/mechanic job (This of course only being available to servers with a framework that supports jobs) that a car was left somewhere illegally.

With this idea, performance would see little to no negative effects. As you would just have to check once if the vehicle is in the polyzone once the player steps out of their vehicle.

As an extra you could add that on a restart any car outside of a polyzone will get impounded.

Thanks a lot!

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Curious, did the vehicle indepth parts get pulled out of this yet to be a separate thing. Pretty interested in this, but really only for the in depth parts system. Any eta?


yes i made a complete separate version for the parts as well. Sorry for just the quick lame message but i swear i am in a rush, been coding non stop for the past 72h

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Hey Peeps,

released V2.0.0 with many changes and bugfixes. Running smooth now and took into consideration many of the things previous people have said. Still not over though as i want to implement the actual updates i was looking forward to, but priorities haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the changelogs if you are interested to see them, don’t do want to write the whole thing as a reply.

Will be updating the in-depth video as many things were added.

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So with in being separate, i can basically just run that with out everything else.

Last 2 questions?
Do i have to buy full package or is there smaller package?

Lastly does the health save to the DB? so over time things eventually wear down for repair?

I purchase this amazing script, However I’m need of help integrating this into QBCore etc

i wouldn’t use the term qbus… but instead use QBCore … qbus is a banned / leaked framework that is different from QBCore

Do not buy from this guy, He has scammed a few of us

So i got this last night, set it up for my framework and got something to work but it don’t give keys and doesn’t respawn the vehicles on server restart. Oh there is also no private garages showing up. Im not sure if its me messing something up or if its the script. Does anyone have this working, that could help me out?

Why do you say that ?

@IGS_Apex none of us have it fully working, Join his discord and the story will unfold, Lack of proper documentation he also ignoring everyone, Some of us have brought script 3 to 4weeks ago and the script is buggy etc, He response to the selective few when he can be bothered etc, And for such an pricey script you would expect it work? Well no it doesn’t work and support none existing currently, Not to mention one of his stafd quit to avoid being in the mess, And none of the other staff are clued up enough to help

Humm I see, that’s sad because that script seemed really good but if there is a lack of support or documentation that fucking lame. +70€ to have a not working script is hard