[Standalone] Easy Allowlist & Queue - Works with Discord roles

This comes from one of jaksam’s scripts reviews

You helped me out until the issue was resolved! I really appreciate it!
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Can you add discord commands like this to make it easier to allow the people plus i think it would make the allow so much better

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Hy hello please can i get allowlist to soulcity

I updated the post with all my other resources links :wink:

Ive added this script to my test city and have it set up properly to display the roles and have them set as a priority. When players are in queue, they stay in queue and are not able to join the server. Am I missing something?

I see everyone in the queue list and then i will quit out to allow someone to join (testing it out to see if it works) and the only thing that happens is they stay in queue. We waited the 5 minute buffer time to allow someone back in and the next person in queue did not enter the city. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I suggest joining the support discord

@jaksam1074 I also came here to write a suggestion for this. You have one of the best queue systems out there and Iv done some digging because this is a very specific feature I am looking for. I have a concept idea that may work for implementation of this if you want to talk it over via discord DM or ticket. Feel free to reach out. But this would be an absolute huugee help to have LEO/Medical separate queue’s if they are attempting to log into be active on one of those jobs if there arent enough of them around and the server is at cap.

Hello, you can give to people in those jobs a discord with queue benefits

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Yea so I do that, but that doesnt prevent them from getting higher queue if they are logging on to a civ or different character. Since they will automatically get prio just by having a role no matter which character they intend to select. Im basing my thought process off of the nopixel queue system which will only allow you to select a LEO character if you select leo queue. But if you select regular queue you can select any character to my understanding

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Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a additional feature where you could set how many players could simultaneously be joining the server at any given time (i.e. connecting and loading into the game world) instead of allowing them in immediately as long as the server has room. We’re currently having an issue where 100+ clients are simultaneously trying to rejoin the server after a restart, which seem to be causing issues.