[Standalone] Easy Allowlist & Queue - Works with Discord roles

Update 1.14.1

  • Added Polish translations

Does having the bot for the whitelist cost?

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Hello, having a bot it’s free

Appreciate this

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I hope you like the script :+1:

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Can I setup role queues through tebex?

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Hi, yes you can execute commands

Discord functionality doesn’t seem to be working. Tried to make a support ticket on the Discord, but the bot to claim roles isn’t ‘responding’ either.

That means there is a wrong configuration somewhere, the script works fine if configured properly

Update 1.15

  • Updated the text which appears on translations error, to avoid doubts
  • Updated internal function which could cause crash in very rare cases

Update 1.15.3

  • Added Czech translations

All scripts update

  • Disabled automatic shared object refresh by default, now it will refresh automatically when editing/creating/deleting jobs with Jobs Creator to improve performance

Update 1.16

  • Added a warning message in case your server doesn’t allow current_config.json overwrite (causing the issue that doesn’t update the settings)

please allow me to join velocity server

Update 1.16.1

  • Fixed a bug that could make the menu to get stuck

Hello can you please allow me to play in velocity server?

Hello, I got a question. Can I use this only as a QUE based on Discord roles with priorities and whitelist based on Discord roles?