[Standalone] Easy Allowlist & Queue - Works with Discord roles

Any suggestion to how to get started and join the VLT Roleplay server?

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Hey u have a suggestion :slight_smile:

Make it possible that players can only play the server for a certain time, depending on the setting in the config ~ 1 hour

A player goes on the server without whitelist, can then if this is set in the setting. Then the player can look at the server 1 hour as an example, and after this hour, the player then gets a message that he should now join the Discord server and must request the whitelist.

With welcome screen where you can write everything in as info for the players.

You can now <config.time> ( 60 min) [example] play on the server and look at everything, if you like it you have to whitelist after these 60 minutes. You can find more info on our Discord.

Would be a cool idea and would surely help many projects to get players. Because unfortunately many players are not very fond of the whitelist process positively

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i want to join your velocity server sir

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Update 1.11.1

  • Added Dutch language

Update 1.12.1

  • Added a notification in server console when you choose an incorrect whitelist role
  • Added a notification in server console when you choose a wrong Discord server

any idea how or whom i can reach to get to this server like getting whitelisted through donor or something cuz form is closed ig

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i want to join vlt rp plz

How can I buy priority packs

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Hello, I’m the developer of the script of the allowlist, the priority packs are handled by your server owner, not by me

please allow me to play roleplay and i can’t join in discord server

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Update 1.13

  • Updated not allowed menu
  • Fixed an issue related to licenses
  • Solved a bug that made the menu to freeze in specific situations

hiii sir
plz muje b aapke shar me aana hai plz help


can you please allow me to join Rp ?

how can i join sir plz help? allow me

allow karvane ke liye kya krna hoga please btaiye

hey dude please let join to velocity rp sever ,thank you.

Suggestion to add suport for RedM framework Vrop-RedmRP-QBR