[Standalone] Drunk System

This a script simulates the effects of being drunk on a character.
The script includes a system for increasing and decreasing the level of drunkenness, as well as various visual and motion effects.
A special behavior occurs when jumping and another one when crouching while drunk to enhance the immersion of the experience.
The player will also feel some hangover effects.
Feel free to ask for extra features :wink:

OneSync compatible!
Female peds compatible!
Able to choose the value for each drink!
Standalone/All frameworks compatitility!
Easy to add to any existing system and items!
Gradual increase and decrease of drunkenness level.
Visual effects, including screen distortion and camera filters.
Gameplay effects, such as changes on movement behaviors.
Different effects on different levels of drunkenness.

Easy installation and support provided!
You just need to add one line of code on your existing items.

No requirements.
The script works in all frameworks.

Videos showcase:


| Code is accessible | Config file |
| Lines (approximately) | 300 |
| Requirements | Standalone |
| Support | Yes |

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