[STANDALONE] Debuffs system (2.0)

Knives have a high chance of opening bleeding.
In an accident 30% chance to get bleeding or fracture and 100% pain.
The bleeding leaves puddles of blood, if the bleeding is weaker, then they are less noticeable.

I will also be glad to hear your suggestion for new updates.


  • HUD:
    • Effects display
    • Timer on effect icon (v2.0)
    • overlay
  • Debuffs:
    • Pain: Dizziness, effect, injured gait
    • Bleeding: HP reduction, disable health regeneration, character leaves blood behind.
    • Heavy bleeding: HP reduction(x2), disable health regeneration, character leaves blood behind(x2).
    • Bone fracture: You can’t drive, run, jump
    • Alcohol: Drink effect, walk.
    • Hot.
    • Cold.
    • Hungry.
    • Thirst.
  • Buffs:
    • Painkiller: Saves from the consequences of pain if you do not have a fracture.
-- Use for activation from third-party resources
TriggerEvent('debuffs:startEffect', "debuff_pain", timeout)
TriggerEvent('debuffs:stopEffect', "debuff_pain")

UPDATE 2.0 (31.03.22)

  • Removed hud (it remained only in version 1.0, you can also download after purchase)
  • Timer on the effect (You can call it for the time you need or forever, until you stop the effect yourself)
  • The chances for debuffs depend on the weapon you were hit with.
  • Code optimization (lua, js)


Code accessible [Yes]
Subscription based [No]
Lines (approximately) [~1 000]
Requirements [N/A]
Support [Yes]

hello , about this systeme is possible to remove all HUD part ? and save only accident screen and walk effect ?

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I’m already working on an update, I’ll remove hud

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Can you say roughly when you’ll be ready with it?

I think a maximum of a week, I just decided to fix a lot and add features

does the blackout effect show when the player is shot while driving because other blackout scripts have this issue. This debuff is the best out there!

If that is what you want then just use my Syn_Injury and SaltySyn_CarCrash script. they are eeeerily similar to this… and they are free. <3

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It is super easy to add a check for that if his client side is opened, mine checks for weapon or fire damage aswell.

this is the first time I see these scripts :slight_smile:

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Sorry I was doing that cliché thing that people do when someone makes a similar resource, You have done very good work on this. Script looks super nice, love the way you added the hot and cold effects aswell that is a really good idea^

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when shooting at a player in a car, he does not have a dark screen

ty that was the problem I had with other blackscreen scripts

No support after purchase good luck

Hi, we purchase this script yesterday. Graphics and animation works well, but players have automatic very high health regeneration. Bleeding don’t stop the effect.

How to relieve the bleeding state?