[STANDALONE] Advanced spotlights





  • Clean UI.
  • People who can create light can be set with whitelist.
  • 3 light modes: blink, dynamic, static.
  • All strings in the script can be changed from the config file.
  • Marker colors can be changed with a single line.
  • Discord log system.
  • Lights settings/locations are saved in JSON and Lights are persistent.
  • Fully optimized. (Idle: 0.00ms, In interact: 0.05ms)
  • Uses the FiveM Tebex Escrow system.




  • Live preview is now available when adjusting lighting properties. Streamable
  • Ace permission system added.

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Awesome !

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This is Amazing!!!

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A huge tip that would make the resource even better, and easy to implement is a preview, so when you’re changing the lights config it changes in real time :smiley:

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nice idea, added

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Sehr nett gemacht aber leider keine 15 € wert. :wink:

Looks good!

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For the permissions side, could you possibly add ACE perms so we can assign groups to the ACE for it?

Ace permission system added.

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Awesome! Just bought this and the ease of setting up the lights is great. Had an issue with removing them and the dev was VERY fast about providing support and helping me out. Look forward to what else you bring to the community!

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Would be great to have a Switch button or these could automatically switch on, on preset time or nighttime…

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Hello , i am using a black out mod for my server, but i want to add some lights some points, can this mod works with that?