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Please contact us on Discord or our website for more detailed information:
Empire Roleplay Website
Empire Roleplay Discord

Who are we?
Empire Roleplay is a dedicated and newly developed community, which prides itself on a serious roleplaying environment. The Staff at Empire Roleplay is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience and environment for all.

Our mission
As a serious roleplaying environment, our mission is to immerse each player in an inclusive, unique, and developed community. Empire Roleplay prides itself on opening the doors to everyone who is interested in joining a serious roleplay server. We challenge ourselves on thinking outside the box and creating an experience worth remembering.

What framework does Empire Roleplay utilize?
Empire Roleplay utilizes the QB-Core framework as its foundation, however, is currently in process of heavy modifications and resource incorporation.

Whitelisted Status
We will launch the server in a non-whitelisted status upon release. We are in process of developing, testing, and incorporating changes to the framework. Our target release date is March 1, 2023, and we are currently accepting applications. Please see below for details.

Whitelisted Jobs and Details

  • police Law Enforcement
    Currently Accepting Applications

  • 1f468-1f692 Emergency Medical Services / Fire Department
    Currently Accepting Applications

  • 1f468-2696 Department of Justice
    Currently Accepting Applications

  • 1f3d8 Real Estate Agent
    Currently Accepting Applications

  • 1f468-2695 Hospital Staff and Medical Services
    Currently Accepting Applications

Staffing and Developer Support
Empire Roleplay is currently seeking staff. Please see the available positions below:

1f468-1f4bb - Senior Developer and Manager

1f3d7 - Senior Designer and Manager

1f3d7 - Quality Assurance

2709 - Communications

9954-blurple-shield - Senior Moderator

9954-blurple-shield - Moderator

To apply for any position, please go to Application or contact us on Discord today!

Our staff team is currently 8-10 members, to include Developers, Designers, and Quality Assurance. Although we are a small staff at the moment, we are growing each and everyday! We look forward to chatting with you!

For more details, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us. Thank you!

Respectfully Submitted,

Empire Roleplay Staff


QRCore has been generated, custom content is being uploaded, and much more… Please read the posts above for staffing positions.


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As the servers Senior Design Administrator I am looking to expand my team! If you have some experience with liveries, MLO’s etc… join our discord with the link above & shoot me a DM with some examples of your previous works.

    Senior Design Administrator