Staff is very terrible and power hungry 1/10

I like this server to role-play in but the Staff are just very horrible. For example, the Staff Members disrespect you telling you to, “Shut up, You are annoying, etc.” I have multiple clips of these Staff Members being biased to certain members in the server. The server is also very unrealistic in multiple ways, one way is the cuffs just take you out of the vehicle instantly, it doesn’t even break the window. I could be driving off and they would still pull me out of the car with cuffs, please fix that. They also barely ever give warnings, you will get kicked for the most harmless things. The, “Higher Ranking Staff Members” will also come in and just mess around, RDMing people, VDMing people, etc. In my opinion they are just hypocrite’s of the people getting kicked. The LEO is also a real joke, they get angry over anything. If you don’t know how to do a control they will get mad at you… The Staff and Server in general need to fix their Staff Team and LEO.

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