Specs needed to run fiveM

I have a question will My little brothers Pc run fiveM Ryzen 5 3600- Asus 1060 3gb- 16GB Ram- B450 A-PRO MAX

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The GPU is the only real point of issue here, the 3GBs VRAM wont do any favors… you should be able to play, but most likely on pretty low graphics settings.

CPU - Intel 15 4690k 3.5 Gz
RAM - 4x 4Gb (16gb total) HyperX DDR3L MB - MSI B85-G43 Gaming Power Supply - Corsair HX850i
Storage - 2TB Seagate HD
Boot Drive - 250Gb SSD

I have a bunch of old pcs sitting around would one like this run better?

Uh, maybe, slow RAM shouldn’t be a very big deal for GTAV considering that it’s over a decade old - the GPU is definitely a better choice over a 3GB 1060 though :smile:

keep in mind the GTX 970’s even though say there 4GB are actually 3.5.

In any case, you will be able to run it but simply keep it at 1080p “or 720p” and medium ish settings and it should be… playable.

Hello, i have some issues with fps too. I play with less than 30 fps and i have a hp elitebook 840 g8 with intel core i7. I have 32gb of ram and 500 gb of internal space. My graphic card is intel iris xe