Spawning random places and with a random character

Hello as the title states i spawn at a random place with a random NPC character.

here are the logs, hope you know something that could help me.
fxserver_1642013913.log (15.3 KB)

Short answer? Give up. You are trying to set up a new server and you have had issues where you shouldn’t. I helped you with the job not being set on join in your other post here → Job menu resets every restart. (ESX) - #2 by DrAceMisanthrope and then I saw you had issues with the phone item not showing in stores and I realised you didn’t understand how the scripts you were plugging and playing, worked. So I gave up on helping any more. But screw it, here is some more help…

Upload your SQL files when adding new resources!
You have missing jobs and user data fields. Read through the log and you can see what’s wrong.
It looks like you’re trying a new install of ESX and your esx_multichar script is failing and 90% of the time, it’s because of missing database table fields. I honestly skimmed the log from the bottom up, for about 10 seconds. I couldn’t be bothered doing any more than that because I can’t stand plug and play servers, owned by people that can’t read logs to see where issues are, let alone code themselves to fix errors, etc.

In this case, you are using public releases that work out of the box, if you install them correctly. But you’re not even doing that right. Sorry, since all of your posts are asking for support with your new plug and play, ESX server, I am going to drop this opinion off and vanish. Good luck, but I suggest you give up and learn to code and dev, before trying to set up a server full of resources. Hope you expand your skills!