Spawning an IPL object

Hi, so I’m trying to spawn a LOD object but it doesn’t seem to work with CreateObject, is there another way of spawning it? I’ve seen people with mod menus spawning the object on servers, but I need to spawn it on my own server for a script I’m working on.

I just found out that those ‘objects’ are in fact IPL’s, but how do I actually create an object and set it’s coordinates by using IPL’s and not Props?



You can look here:

It’s using IPL

That just spawns the default IPL’s, but I can’t actually create multiple objects where I want using IPL’s…

Yes it spawns default IPL, but you can look in the sources to know how to use IPL

So I’ve seen hackers spawn the yacht on players. I’m wondering how they spawn multiple instanced of the same IPL, because if I try to use RequestIpl() it spawns the yacht in it’s default position from GTA Online, but I want to be able to spawn it anywhere like when using CreateObject

Any Update on that yet ?