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Spartanburg County DOJ RP is a community inspired on a real county in the state of South Carolina meaning our vehicles are skinned like irl departments but keep in game department names. We are looking for people that are serious about roleplay and willing to help grow the server, with that being said we are Hiring Staff and LEO. Our staff team will make sure and work hard for a great RP environment! Come Check us Out!!


Server Link:


  • Blaine County Sheriffs office
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Department of Fish and Game
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • Civilian Tow


  • Cad/mdt
  • Eup with custom fire
  • Custom vehicle textures
  • Over 100 civilian vehicles from top modelers
  • Custom Drag Strip made by me
  • Awesome trailer and towing scripts
  • Police/Fire/Civ interaction menu

Staff Application-

Leo Application-

Safd Application-


** We also have a tons of off road vehicles from atvs to 4x4 trucks to use opening up a whole different category or RP**

Would like to have a talk with you. Feel free to add me on discord Tyler Moose#6227

I have messaged you @Born2hunt1738 my name is Flex🎗#2248 about this topic

-bump new civ vehicles added

Still hiring staff and leo dont hesitate to fill out a application and join our team!!

-bump still looking for civs and leo come join our awesome rp scenes

RP is scheduled for today make sure you go to the discord and vote on a time and aop
We will have active fire and leo!!!

-bump all departments still hiring jump on and fill out a application