Sparked Life Roleplay | Custom Cars | Custom EUP | Whitelisted Jobs | Active Cops & EMS

Discord: Sparked Life
Welcome to Sparked Life Roleplay. A brand new upcoming Grand Theft Auto Roleplay Community with featuring a wide variety of things for every type of player.

We pride ourselves on providing well maintained, stable environment with experienced leaders and community members, to make sure everyone enjoy their time in our server.

We have realistic Departments or also known as Whitelisted Jobs such as:

  • :police_car: Police

  • :ambulance: EMS

  • :toolbox: Mechanic

  • :oncoming_automobile: Car Dealer

  • :man_judge: Lawyer

  • :pickup_truck: Tow Truck

We also have many jobs any player can take, also known as non-whitelisted jobs such as:

  • :wastebasket: Garbage Collector

  • :package: Delivery

  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing

  • :bus: Bus Driver

  • :hotdog: Hotdog Seller
    Much More!

To make it more realistic, we also brought up the idea of:

  • :pill: Drugs

  • :credit_card: Crypto

  • :oncoming_automobile: Track Racing

  • :gun: Black Market

  • :carousel_horse: Gaming Arena

  • :house: House Decoration

  • :moneybag: Robberies
    Much More!

Have a look at our Police Department

Department Showcase

Have a look at our Police Vehicles

Police Showcase

Have a look at our Mechanic Shop

Mechanic Shop

Have a look at our one of the CRIP


Have a look at some of our Realistic Vehicles

Custom Vehicles

Have a look at where you can Purchase and Customize your ride

Purchase and Customize

At the end, have a look at Restaurant

Chill Out

It’s your call to join us today and enjoy the realism with your friends!
Don’t miss out on events we weekly hold for in-game prizes!


  • Radio Updated
  • New Phone
  • Jobs optimized
  • Got server rules done
  • Department applications opened

Everyday update:

  • Mechanic optimized and now with premium vehicle customization menu.
  • Announcement for Gang Leader recruitment!

Everyday Update:

  • Donation portal almost done.
  • Vehicle handling optimized.

Check our some new drifting rides!

New rides everyday!
Check it out!

New Update:

  • Bus driver job optimized!