Southern San Andreas Roleplay I SSARP I CAD/MDT I EUP I Serious RP I 350+ Discord Members I DOJ Based I

Welcome to Southern San Andreas Roleplay

SSARP is a 350+ person server offering serious RP to civs and LEOs alike. In our server you can be anything you want to be from cop to criminal and everything in-between. Some things we offer are

-Open Interiors
-Working Fire Department
-Fire script
-Controller friendly
-Rocket CAD
-Civ/Leo Toolbox
-scene menu
-global /say and local /me
-AI speed zone menu
-Verbal interviews required for LEOs

This server is a smaller server so we have command positions open!
Our open positions are

-LSPD Command Staff
-LSFD Assistant Chief
-LSFD Command

We also put this server through a multiple day development phase to ensure it was ready before releasing to the public. Our server has 350+ members and an active player base so you are guaranteed RP.

Join today!

Great community, lots of staff/LEO/Fire positions open!

thank you

Updated Discord Link?