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Step into a captivating world set in the year 1899, where the echoes of the American frontier still resound and the wild west merges with the fading Victorian era. Welcome to South Tahoma, an immersive and engaging RedM RP server that will transport you to a time of untamed adventure and limitless possibilities.

In South Tahoma Roleplay, you’ll have the opportunity to shape your own destiny amidst a vivid and evolving backdrop. Will you embody the ruthless outlaw, carving a path of chaos and lawlessness? Or perhaps you seek to uphold justice as a fearless lawman, defending the innocent against the untamed forces that lurk in the untamed wilderness?

Our dedicated team of administrators and developers have meticulously crafted a server that offers a rich, text-based roleplaying experience like no other. Immerse yourself in a vast and detailed world. Engage in dynamic interactions with fellow players, forging alliances, forming rivalries, and shaping the course of the narrative as you traverse the open landscapes of Tahoma.

What sets South Tahoma Roleplay apart is our commitment to storytelling and character development. We prioritize quality roleplay and encourage our community to delve deep into their characters, weaving intricate backstories and engaging in meaningful interactions that breathe life into the world we’ve created.

Join our ever-growing community of passionate roleplayers, where you’ll forge friendships, create rivalries, and embark on thrilling adventures that will keep you captivated for hours on end. Whether you’re a seasoned RP enthusiast or new to the world of text-based roleplaying, our friendly community and helpful staff are here to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Our server boasts a wide range of exciting in-game features that make it a truly immersive and dynamic experience for players. One of the highlights is our extensive custom scripting, which enhances gameplay mechanics and introduces unique interactions. Our dedicated development team works tirelessly to continually improve and expand upon these features, ensuring an active and evolving gaming environment.

Custom mapping is another standout feature, providing players with beautifully crafted and detailed game worlds to explore. These handcrafted environments offer a diverse range of landscapes, from sprawling cities to rugged wilderness, each with its own distinct flavor and challenges.

South Tahoma Website Link (Click Here)
South Tahoma Forum Link (Click Here)

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Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.6.2 (Herbs & Berries Update)

  • Added Blueberries, Blackberries, Black Currants, Red Raspberries, Golden Currants, Wild Carrots, Wild Rhubarb, Wintergreen Berries, Pears, Apples and Peaches.
  • Over 20+ different types of berries are now pickable from bushes.
  • Peaches, Apples, Pears and Oranges can be picked from small trees.
  • Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries & Black Currants can be used to make Water, Pies & Ales.
  • 40+ new custom images added to consumable items.
  • Pies are now crafteable in the food crafting menu.
  • Berry infused waters are now crafteable in the drinks crafting menu.
  • Berry infused ales are not crafteable in the drinks crafting menu.
  • Meat, Bird & Veggie Stews are also crafteable in the food crafting menu.
  • All berries can be eaten in hand, or used for other recipes.`

Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.6.3 (Trains Fix)

  • Added train route in that begins in New Hanover.
  • Fixed train speeds so train moves faster at full speed.
  • Added the following stops in this order : Valentine Station, Heartland Oil Fields, St Denis Station, Rhodes Station, Flatneck Station, Riggs Station, Bachus Station, Annesburg Station.
  • Train will now continue to loop around the map at each station without stopping.
  • Added Railroad NPC to Valentine Station, this is where players in the Rail Road faction can access the train menu. `
  1. Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.6.4 (Trains Fix 2)
  • Removed the conductor NPC from the train when spawning one, train will still do route and stops without him.
  • Edited fullspeed and stopspeed distance so the train brakes at a more convenient position.
  • Train will now not despawn when the person that spawned the job gets too far away from the train.`


3.Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 1.6.5 (Thanks to Jinshe)*

  • Made the Hot Air Balloon script only accessible for donators.
  • Bee Houses now have a timer, and the longer you leave it, the more honey it will produce. (Still needs time/rewards tweaking)
  • Removed the math.random reward from Bee Houses`

Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.6.6 (Bounty Hunter Update + Mapping)

  • Bounty Hunter is now a whitelisted job players can apply for via forums.

  • Access to NPC Bounty Hunter missions with money reward. (Need Bounty Hunter License that is issued by local Sheriff’s Office)

  • Bounty Hunters can duel wield revolvers and pistols.

  • Added Blackwater Gunsmith Building.

  • Added Blackwater Medical Office.

  • Added Blackwater Docks mapping.

  • Added Blackwater River Saloon.

  • Added Armadillo Bakery.

  • Added Apache base.`

Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.6.7 (Mexico Update) (Note; Mexico is still not finished, we need to edit some textures and collisions.)

  • Added railroads around Mexico, connected to New Austin railroad.
  • Added following towns in Mexico: Chuparosa, Madrugada, Matadero, Escalera and Presidio.
  • Added small camps and decor around Mexico.
  • Large bridge connecting NA and New Mexico.
  • Set temperature to same as New Austin.`

3.Sneak Peek of Mexico :* Mexico Town - Pulse Roleplay

  1. Pulse Roleplay - Game Update 0.7.3 (Group Hunts & Other)
  • Added a group hunting system, global cooldown so missions aren’t spammed. Players can now head to one of the three Hunter lodges around the map and select out of a list of animals to hunt, these animals have increased HP and the rewards from skinning the animal are increased when sold at a trappers market or butcher. Remember though, these animals are hard to catch, so make sure you head out in a group!

  • Added New Hanover Moose, New Hanover Grizzly, New Austin Boar, New Austin Cougar, West Elizabeth Bear, West Elizabeth Bison, Lemoyne Panther, Lemoyne Alligator, Ambarino Wolves, Ambarino White Bison.

  • Added legendary item drops from each animal, and added the items to the butcher and trappers market.

  • Hunter Lodges found in Lemoyne, West Elizabeth and New Austin.

  • Added various moonshine stores around the map that are enterable. (Will be used for crafting moonshine in future update)

  • Added custom mapping to Valentine, Blackwater and Strawberry.

  • Added new character customizer, can now edit and have access to more clothing.

  • Added makeover spot so players can edit their facial features after the character is created.

  • Added custom intro video when server is loading, show’s various scenery of RDR2.

  • Driveable Char has been temporarily removed until we fixed a client desync bug.`

3.Pulse Roleplay - Minor Update 0.7.4*

  • Added butcher to Guarma.
  • Added buyable properties in Guarma.
  • Removed IPL’s in Guarma that burns down the farmhouse.
  • Added Tailor, Wardrobe and Makeup spot in Guarma.
  • Added commands /alertsheriff, /alertpolice, /alertdoctor and /alertvet to notify them of your location.
  • Renamed Blackwater & Saint Denis from Sheriff’s Office to Police Department.
  • Translated the rest of the html file for the stables script.
  • Removed Guarma Boat Shop (Waves bug out the boats)`

5.Pulse Roleplay - Minor Update 0.7.5 (Horses & Wagons)*

  • All players can now level up their horses at a rate of 0.5xp and Horse Trainers have it increased to 5xp, this will allow players to level up and train their own horses at a much slower rate.
  • Item Repair Kit added to repair wagon wheels, has an interaction minigame to repair the wheel.
  • Item Horse Shoe added for Horse Trainers to increase a horses stats permanently, has an interaction minigame to apply the horseshoe.
  • Changed item Horse Tablets to edible instead of a syringe animation.
  • Changed item Horse Tonic to edible instead of syringe animation.
  • Edited html/.css file for the stables, including menu text.
  • Custom names added to carts and wagons fitting the era.
  • Edited carts and wagons inventory spaces.
  • Edited cart and wagons prices.
  • Edited cart and wagons accessory prices.
    +Edited horse prices and breeding prices.
    +Fixed some typos in the Horse Store menu.`

New Blackwater rehaul

Added workable theatre shows in Blackwater, Saint Denis and Valentine.

Pulse Roleplay - Minor Update (0.8.5)

`+ Added teleporter entrances to all buildings with interior mapping. (Blackwater PD, Saint Denis PD, Courthouses, Blackwater Bakery, etc)

  • Added 342 new mining nodes in caves around the map + a new mining spot in New Austin Canyons.
  • Fixed Blackwater Balloon NPC.1. > **Pulse Roleplay - Minor Update (0.8.3)**+ Added coloured blips for Farmers Market, Guarma Ship and Doctors Office.
  • Added Bank to Guarma (Slot space is cheaper)
  • Added more mining nodes around Blackwater and Guarma.
  • Added cemetery blips on the map.`

3.Pulse Roleplay - UI Update (0.8.4)*

  • Added new UI underneath metabolism that shows location, compass and temp.
  • Edited the metabolism UI so it’s smaller and now has colours. `

Sneak peek of the new book system we’re working on! @everyone Will be used for crafting, baking, reading short stories, etc. (Medical Book & Gunsmith Book shown below) (edited)



Pulse Roleplay - Mining & Lumber Update (0.8.6)

  • Made new images for all the ores, ingots and materials gained from mining.
  • Made new images for all the wood and items gained from woodcutting.
  • Added item Sulfur that can be used to make Sodium Nitrate.
  • Added item Sodium Nitrate that can be used by gunsmiths or for iodine medicine.
  • Added item gunpowder that is crafted from Sodium Nitrate.
  • Added item Yeast. Can be used for making alcohol.
  • Added item alcohol. Used for medicine, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Added new object when dropping items on ground.
  • Added new custom images for the last remaining weapons. (Sawedoff & Double Barrel)


  1. Pulse Roleplay - UI Update (0.8.4)
  • Added new UI underneath metabolism that shows location, compass and temp.
  • Edited the metabolism UI so it’s smaller and now has colours. `


Pulse Roleplay 1889 | Version 0.9.0!

Pulse Roleplay - Books, Nametags, Prone & More (0.9.0) Nearly there!

  • Added books with interactable pages.
  • Players can now prone on the ground and move around.
  • Added Gunsmith Crafting Book.
  • Added Medical Book.
  • Added laying down animation so players can prone and move around on the ground.
  • Added character names above players heads, disappear when at a distance. (Font still needs polishing)
  • Added new medical items and crafting. (Iodine, Morphine, Cocaine, Heroin, Opium and Elixir of Life), each item has different effects.
  • Added new items for Pickaxe and Lumber Axe. - Made all the new mining/lumber items sellable to Mining and Lumber companies.
  • Increased the rate of finding mats for Lumber/Mining societies 3x. - Intro video increased to 1440p instead of 1080p.
  • Veterinarians can now revive horses on the spot, can also sell the item to players.
  • Horses now have another stat, friendliness. (The higher the level, the horse will have better manners like stop kicking strangers, no bucking, etc)
  • Increased horse levelling for regular players to 0.2, trainers have 5.
  • Horse ageing increased, and at a slower rate.
  • Horses max age is now 60. (Will not die to avoid players losing their horses) PulseRP - HorseRevive Pulse RP - Prone


[PulseRP - HorseRevive]

[Pulse RP - Prone]

Pulse Roleplay 1189 - Minor Update (0.9.2)

  • /admins command added to list online administrators.
    -/faceanims added for facial animations.
  • Removed minigame from lumber and mining, increased min and max hits per node.
  • Custom images for items fibres, sap, honey, pulp and sodium nitrate.
  • Added furniture stores in Blackwater and Saint Denis that sell furniture to place at your camps our properties. (edited)

Pulse Roleplay 1889 - Experienced Shooter (0.9.1) Thanks to Jinshe for Dualwield System

  • Players can now have access to dualwielding and guntricks via a whitelist application for experienced shooters.
  • Can use with other jobs like police, cavalry, official outlaw factions, bounty hunters, etc.
  • Also working on new UI menu, can be seen in video below.

  1. Pulse Roleplay 1889 - Character System, Books, Portable Stoves & More (0.9.3)

Character System

  • New character system that fixes plenty of buggy features such as clothes or models not loading in when spawning.
  • Entirely updated creator, female and male chars now have separated clothing.
  • No more use for /rc, the skin will stay as it is since the character creation.
  • Increased max characters per player to five.
  • Added a small intro for when spawning in-game.


  • Finished Medical book.
  • Finished Gunsmith book.
  • Made books usable via an in-game book item you can purchase and interact with instead of using a /command to open it.
  • Added Bandages, Heroin, Morphine, Opium, Laudanum, Elixir, Iodine and Cocaine to the Medical Book. - Fixed last page showing an extra empty page. Crafting
  • There will be three types of crafting from now on ; -
  • Books ; Whitelisted Jobs have access to books to craft, so they can bring their crafting with them if RP’d. - - Stove/Campfire : Gives you access to Cooking, Beverages, Moonshining and Baking. -
  • Crafting Kit / Workbench : At any workbench, grinding stone or furnace. Also a portable foldable kit that can be placed on the ground, containing a variety of tools, can be used for Blacksmithing, Carpentry and Survival. (Campfires, Tools, etc)
  • Books will be buyable for all players, but only players with the right job can craft the items. There will be books that regular characters can access, like the Survival Guide or Bakery Book.
  • Added item Portable Stove, can place on the ground to use for crafting. Players can either craft with the item with some Iron, Copper and Wood or it can also be bought from general store.


  • Added 30+ new custom images for items such as sap, pulp, fishing rod, yeast, smoke campfire, portable stove…
  • Lowered the damage of all weapons by 25%.
  • Added the command /sidesaddle so players can ride with both their legs towards one side of their horse.
  • Added Coca Leaves, that are harvested from the Coca plant, can be used to make Cocaine.
  • Lowered crop prices from Farmers Market in Guarma, and removed a bunch of seeds that don’t fit the setting.



Introducing playable instruments in next update! Trumpets, Pianos, Guitars, Violins, Harmonicas and more! Stream your own songs in-game or play the chords yourself via an in-game interactive UI! @everyone

Pulse Roleplay 1899 Update - Hygiene, Dueling and More - (0.9.5)

  • Added hygiene system, players have to keep an eye on their hygiene now to avoid sickness. Hygiene lowers depending on your activities, flies will appear around your character when at its lowest, you can wash at any Saloon on the map or at any river or lake around the map.
  • Added bathhouses at each Saloon around the map, can choose between regular bath or exclusive bath. Dueling - Players can now send a duel request to another player with the command /duel [ID] and /duel2 [ID], both players must accept for it to begin.
  • Players can be killed during /duels, depending on where they are hit. - Fixed notifications and timer for /duel. Other
  • Added item flyer, can be placed on any telegraph pole around the map with a custom image, works like pinboard but instead of seeing multiple flyers, you can only see one.
  • Poster automatically opens image when players approach the poster.
  • Added the command /coords so players can get their coordinates and export it, has a copy button. - /helpme system so the support team can open and check tickets. (Thanks to Lee)
  • Blip System for Business Owners so they can set their shop blips in real time on the map, and choose the blip and blip colour. (Thanks to Lee)
  • Updated UI for a cleaner, smaller look.
  • Fixed Hunting bug after skinning first animal.
  • Added animations for the following items ; Fan, Silver Pocket Watch, Silver Pocket Compass, Camera, Ledger, Book, Chewing Tobacco and Hair Pomade.

Pulse Roleplay 1899 Update - Friendlist & Fixes (0.9.7)

  • Added friendlist system with commands /addfriend to add/accept other players, and /friendlist to see if your friends are online. (Thanks to Jinshe)
  • Added /chatsize to edit the fontsize of your chatbox.
  • Added command /baby to spawn a baby model in players arms, can cradle by pressing P.
  • Added Gun Store in Saint Denis.
  • Added custom wild horse spawns.
  • Added custom legendary spawns, with small spawnrate chance.
  • Hair Pomade item now works with most of the hair styles.
  • Added items Softwood Planks, Hardwood Planks and Cloth.
  • Bunch of fixes.

Bump! Join us today!

  • Added hunting and fishing traps.
  • Added safezones to the map.
  • Added shooting while in prone animation.
  • Added five new interactable pocket watches, silver, gold, etc.
  • Added NPC doctors to each Doctor Office so you can /revive if brought there.
  • Added 70+ custom wild horse spawns.
  • Added 8 custom Buffalo Herds around the map.
  • Opened Factions.
  • Added peacepipe item for natives.
  • Added trashcans in towns to dispose of items.
  • Currently working on an entirely new CUSTOM UI design for all systems on the server. We will have a customizable client UI so players can check their friends list, customize their own UI such as chat, font, health/stamina bars, food, horsecores, etc!

:man_kneeling: Prone Firing

  • Players can now fire rifles, repeaters and shotguns from the prone position.
  • Hides the players nametag when in prone position.

:racehorse: Custom Wild Spawns

  • Legendaries Spawns : Players can now hunt legendary animals that have a very small chance to spawn out in the wild, can be sold to butcher and trapper.
  • Wild Horses : Each county has custom wild spawns setup, these spawns include Criollos, Norfolks, Suffolks, Standardbreds, Hungarians and Dutch Warmbloods.
  • Regular Animals : Regular herds of Bisons and other animals can be found around the map.

:8onking: UI Customization

  • Customize the font for your chat with the command /chatfont, select one of the many font options available.
  • Customize the size of your chatbox and text via /chatsize, values from 1px - 3px.
  • Customize your own Stamina/Health, Horsecores, and other icons on your screen with the command /editneeds. (Drag and drop, saves in DB)
  • Hide the Stamina/Health and Horsecores with /hideneeds (visible/hidden)
  • /hideui to toggle between hiding all the UI elements or showing them.

:palm_tree: Guarma Changes

  • Guarma River has increased mining spawns.
  • Added a new mining spot.
  • Added regular animal spawns in Jungle.
  • Added legendary animal spawns in Jungle.
  • Sugarcane and Coca are now exclusive to Guarma.

:family: Friend System

  • Can now add friends in-game via /addfriend [ID], and can accept with /addfriend also.
  • Can now see what friends are online via /friendlist, shows if they are online/offline and their ID.
  • Shows RedM username instead of character names.

:poop: Trash Cans

  • Players can now find trashcans in every town.
  • Can deposit/withdraw items from the trashcans.
  • Can search trashcans to have a chance to find trash items, global cooldown.

:oncoming_taxi: Caravan / Taxi

  • Can now find a caravan board in every town, can select travel between towns and it calculates distance $/km and an NPC will drive you in a Wagon to the destination.
  • Can be used by multiple players at once, so you can bring your friends along.
  • NPC Driver will stop when you exit the vehicle and wait for you to get back in, so you can stop where you like along the way.

:smirk~1: Facial Animations

  • Players can now select from a list of facial animations to apply to their characters via /faceanims.
  • Poker Facial Scenarios added for poker/blackjack games.
  • Regular Expressions category added to the facial animations list. (Sad, Happy, Scared, etc)

:dance: Scenarios

  • Players can now use the command /scenario to see a list of local scenarios around their character to use. (Sweeping, Cleaning, Cooking, etc)
  • Interacts with the possible animations around your character.

:mouse_trap: Hunting Traps

  • Players can now use five different hunting traps to catch animals.
  • Added Critters Trap, Bird Trap, Fish Trap, Reptile Trap, Crab Trap.
  • Can place bait inside the traps that affects what animals you can catch.
  • Can pickup and replace the traps as you like, do not de-spawn on restart.
  • Maximum of two traps per character.

:adam: Other

  • New Intro Video (2560x1440p support) and shorter video.
  • New item Blindfold.
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