Source SDK Base 2007

Does the source sdk base 2007 bieng uninstalled affect FiveM in any way because before I quit using fiveM I had it installed and when I played the fps was smooth the graphics were great and it was all good then I uninstalled sdk base 2007 but not fivem because I might have wanted to play it again but source sdk base 2007 was taking up too much space for something I wasnt using but now when I hop onto fivem without source sdk base 2007 installed I need to have the lowest graphics and like even then it lags a huge amount definetly unplayable.

What I want to know here is if I re-install source sdk base 2007 will it make my game more optimized? or like will it make the fps better? Sorry if i sound dumb im not that good with this stuff.

FiveM doesn’t even run that so there is no need to have it installed. It’s only used for the AppID through Steam