Buenas, desde hace unos días estoy teniendo un problemilla con fivem, los servidores me van bien pero la mayoría de veces que entro a algún mapeado, como por ejemplo el Benny´s o el mapa este nuevo que han implementado de gta iv, mi pc peta, se le pone la pantalla en negra y se reinicia, casi siempre es cuando entro al mecánico Benny´s, al cabo de 5 minutos en su interior más o menos es cuando me pasa, si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradecería ya que ningún colega sabe el porque me pasa eso. Saludoss.


Hello, English is required on the forum.

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Good, for a few days I’ve been having a little problem with fivem, the servers are going well for me but most of the time I go to some mapping, such as Benny’s or this new map that they have implemented from gta iv, my pc restarts , the screen goes black and it restarts, it is almost always when I go into the Benny’s mechanic, after 5 minutes inside it more or less, it happens to me, if someone can help me I would appreciate it, because nobody knows what happens to me.


Is your computer specs are powerful enough to run the game ?
Please refer to this : System requirements - Docs

Hope this will help,

yes, i have a good pc, a rtx 3070, an amd ryzen 7 2700x the power supply i dont know if its good but the other components are so good.

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Okay, so :

  • Do you have any error while crashing ?
  • Your computer fully restart automatically after the crash ?
  • Did you check the logs ?

When I enter, for example, Bennys mapping, my screen goes black and the PC restarts, I don’t get any errors, it restarts and that’s it. What do you mean by reviewing the logs? to f8??

Nope, i mean the log file, in fivem files, the crashdump


I have those files in the crashes folder and the logs folder

Yeah, thats what we want. Please upload the last file related to the date / hour of the game crash

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