Someone know how to remove this "mobile" door? [Pillbox Hill Medicial Centre]

image its already here

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Try replacing that with the code i wrote and are you using this: [Release] Pillbox Hospital by Jobscraft

yes im using that one

alright so i erased the other lines and added the ones you putup and still nothing…

Is bob74_ipl started before the other hospital streams?

i am also facing this door problem please help he to remove the door

Delete Ur cache

go to your bob74_ipl resources. In the resources folder there will have some files and find the files called gta5. Inside the gta5 file, find a .lua file call pillbox_hospital.lua and delete it. Than one more important thing is go to your fxmanifest.lua find a line , "gtav/pillbox_hospital.lua" and comment or delete it. Than those door will be disappear

If i delete it most of the gtav ipl will delete also

what is this teleport?

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