[SOLVED] Trying to make a ts3 command

So I am trying to made a ts3 command with essential mode. If you type /ts3 it says “ts3.abstraqe.com” (our teamspeak) and I dont know what I did wrong. Now im getting a ton of errors inside console

TriggerEvent('es:addCommand', 'ts3', permission.normal, function(source, args, user)
   TriggerClientEvent('chatmessage', -1, {0,0,0}, "Teamspeak IP: ts3.abstraqe.com")

Try it like this:
TriggerEvent(‘es:addCommand’, ‘ts3’, permission.normal, function(source, args, user)
table.remove(args, 1)
TriggerClientEvent(“chatMessage”, source, “”, {0, 0, 0}, “Teamspeak IP: ts3.abstraqe.com”)


es:addCommand does not need a permission parameter, as this adds commands for everyone. Remove the permission.normal argument

Figured that out, thanks man!