[SOLVED] I want to use Japanese in chat

I have a FXServer, but it can’t use Japanese in chat. My server is not only for Japanese. However, almost of players of my server are Japanese people. so I want to use Japanese in chat.
How I can use Japanese?

Sorry for my bad English. and please help me…

I got an answer.
Open “cl_chat.lua” and search the line


and edit


them, there are 2 types of chat form when press “T”

The chat of top left can only use English, but another can type any language.(it can use IME like GTAO)

so, I would like to show only a right side chat.
How I can that?

Remove start chat from your server config. However, the GTA V built-in chat may be glitchy and won’t support any command handlers.

Thanks, it’s work.
Actually, commands doesn’t work, but couldn’t use IME is more troublesome problem.
Any other way to use IME?

A future update will support IME:

Sounds great! I’m looking forward to this update!

The latest production update should’ve enabled IME for HTML input boxes in NUI!

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It is the greatest update for me!!
I really appreciate.
Thank you very much!

Hello! after the recent windows update the ime aint woriking!