The magnifying glass is the other way around (me and my smartass comments always getting me in trouble :joy:) What exactly would I search?

use different terms that apply like ‘voice chat colour change’, change voice chat color’ etc.

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I dont want to change the voice chat color tho…

I know how to do that, I would do ~r~Name Here as my steam name

I want to change the color of the persons name in chat, not voice chat color change

So text chat. As I said above

Look through the lua fils for the chat resource and change it in the for blue.

It’s the best way to find stuff

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@JakeWinters FInally got a picture for you

Photo Link

If you use the chat I gave you its already transparent. From there you can change the font to your liking :slight_smile:

they use cfx-server but it’s not supported i’ve had a friend in there and they have to insert a client file that allows cfx-server’s but only the people with that replaced .dll file and it bypasses the cfx-server not supported msg when you join a cfx server. so specifically no you can not get the chat although you can replace the chat but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT because half the commands will quit working.

But its not in the correct place, and it does not work with my tow script, I got a transparent chat, but I do not know how to change the color of the text

I have transparent chat, I just want the persons name to be blue

@TK69 in case you are still wondering, you just need to edit the background color in the chat resource. The file is style.css.

Everything is transparent,. but i have a white box right where I type. help!

1. Go To Index.css
2. Ctrl + F
3. Search textarea
4. Change background-color To rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)