[SOLVED] Add-on map serverside? (tuto soon)

Hello all!

I make an attempt to stream a map props as a replace like i would do for a vehicle. The file seems to be streamed aswell, but because the file is really heavyer than a vehicle it make the game crash when i join the server.

It’s a little map piece, so it don’t have a motion phisic or anything, the replace is working fine in legit game.

Is there a way to load heavy files on the server? I know it’s possible for map models like tracks, but it remove the Los Santos map, that i would like avoid to do.

Thanks for the help!

Do you get a “ZLIB” Error?

no, my FiveM always crash without any notifications. :confused:
i read the t-uto for reduce size for zlib error, but it’s still too heavy (still 19.55 MB with all textures 128x128)
I try to remove useless parts, but useless parts are attached to usefull parts XD
Now i’m trying to separate the file into 2 different YDR files, but i have some issues and i can’t import the separated model even with a ORD file modification. :confused:
I seen some servers with obviously over 16MB maps and drift track, but it erase LS map :confused:

got Canyon from Driver’s Paradise added to Los Santos working server side.
I think i will share it and make a how-to tutorial if people want to make it with other maps, i just need time for it. i will try for next week.
I will upload a clone of my server and show IP here if you want to try it. I had to reduce a lot textures and shit like that, so it don’t look as beautiful as the original one.

But if people in future will use my tutorial, please it would be cool to also don’t keep it private.
See you soon for uploads and [How-To] topic. And thanks to the community for the help!

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