[SOLVED] Ability to draw scaleforms while Frontend Menus are active

I’ve been trying a lot to draw any Scaleform behind pause menus while using this:

uint GetHash = (uint)GetHashKey("FE_MENU_VERSION_EMPTY");
ActivateFrontendMenu(GetHash, 0, -1);

Using SetScriptGfxDrawBehindPausemenu - FiveM Natives @ Cfx.re Docs didn’t let me draw anything besides TVs and RenderTargets.

If other scaleforms could draw while pause menu is activated, ScaleformUI’s Lobby and PauseMenu would be able to implement the cloned ped natives and would give players more features to use for their menus.

Edit: It turned out that in an old PR in my project someone added a check where my scaleform would draw only if the game was not paused… after removing the check everything worked flawlessly!..
No need for this anymore <3 thanks!


It can be useful

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