[Solution] Forcing FiveM/RedM to use your discrete GPU | Infinite Loading Fix


I’ve been hearing that you are encountering an issue with FiveM/RedM/LibertyM being stuck on a colored screen and being unable to proceed. Well, here is a few potential solutions that you can try. This issue is generally caused because of your laptop using the iGPU instead of the discrete GPU.

Try this first!

  • Open Windows settings.
    • Click on System.
      • Click on Display.
  • Under ‘Multiple displays’, click the Graphics settings link.

  • Select ‘Desktop app’ under the ‘Choose an app to set preference’ dropdown box.
    • Then select ‘Browse’.
  • Navigate to your FiveM directory, which, if you didn’t add a custom installation, will be in %localappdata%/FiveM (for RedM, %localappdata%/RedM - for LibertyM, %localappdata%/LibertyM).
    • Select ‘FiveM.exe’, ‘RedM.exe’ or ‘LibertyM.exe’ depending on your case.
  • Click on ‘Options’.
    • Select “High performance”.
  • Save.
  • Enjoy!


  • Right-click on any part of your desktop and select ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’.
  • Go to the desktop tab at the top of the control panel.
    • Make sure the "Add “Run with graphics processor” box is checked :heavy_check_mark:
  • Right-click on ‘FiveM.exe’, ‘RedM.exe’ or ‘LibertyM.exe’, depending on your case, and hover over the “Run with graphics processor” box and select “Change default graphics processor…”
    • Select “High-performance NVIDIA processor”
  • Enjoy!

For AMD Radeon GPUs

  • Right-click on any part of your desktop and select the ‘AMD Radeon Settings’.
  • Select ‘System’.
  • Press ‘FiveM.exe’, ‘RedM.exe’ or ‘LibertyM.exe’ depending on your case.
  • Select your discrete GPU in the drop-down list.
  • Enjoy!

For AMD Catalyst GPUs

  • Right-click on any part of your desktop and select ‘Catalyst Control Center’.
  • Go to the “Power” tab on the left.
    • Select “Switchable application graphics settings”
  • Under this you will see “Add Application”
    • Navigate to your FiveM directory, which, if you didn’t add a custom installation, will be in %localappdata%/FiveM (for RedM, %localappdata%/RedM - for LibertyM, %localappdata%/LibertyM).
      • Select ‘FiveM.exe’, ‘RedM.exe’ or ‘LibertyM.exe’ depending on your case.
  • Open the dropdown list for graphics options.
    • Select ‘High Performance’.
  • Enjoy!

For Intel® Graphics GPUs

  • Right-click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties. This will open the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. Click on Advanced Mode and OK.
  • In the next window, click on the 3D tab and set your 3D preference to Performance. Click Apply.
    • Note: If, at the end of this process, Serato Video still doesn’t run, also de-select ‘Application Optimal Mode’
  • Now select the Power tab and set the Power Plans to Maximum Performance. If you sometimes perform with your laptop only running on battery, then select battery in the top right corner and also set it for Maximum Performance. Click Apply.
  • Enjoy!

Video Example

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