Social Club Ownership Verification

How To fix Please ? :frowning:

What’s there to fix? Just log in.

Whit FIveM account or Social Club Acount ?

Considering is asks for Social Club account, it’s safe to assume it wants your Social Club account.

If it isn’t clear: use your Social Club account.

Ok done But he said ‘The social Club specified does not own a valid lience to Grand Theft Auto V’
Help Please :confused:

Buy GTAV then… We don’t support pirates.

But i have it [FitGirlRepark]

That’s called piracy, and we don’t condone that.

You either buy the game or you pass out on FiveM.


hi i have the problem it says i have false cridentials but when i sign into sc its legit but in the app five m it says i dont have right info

Did you buy the game from Steam or SC?

bought it from SC. I really want to play rp mode :frowning:

You could try this (I think it was a thing):

Open social club in your browser. Login. Open FiveM. Login. Win?

If not, try and look for a button in FiveM that says something like “having trouble logging in”. If I remember correctly it opens social club in your browser (if it exists)

i tried dat and it still gives me the same error i dont get it why :frowning: and there is no button having trouble logging in :frowning:

When I try to verify, the tab disappears, like it should, but it doesn’t boot up GTA. It just closes, at that’s it :confused:

Have you bought GTA V?

Yes, I have. I bought it 10 days ago. Does that have anything to do with it?

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