So excited to find a mod like this!

Hi everyone! New to the community and mod! Very excited to hopefully get to try it out soon enough! I love RP servers and have done so in a few other games, so when I found out about this mod I got pumped! I play alot of gta5 online and think its a fun game but its missing something… I think this might be what its missing… The immersion looks amazing and have already seen a favorite streamer of mine have some hilarious moments!! Glad to be here and hopefully can become apart of this community!



Thanks! Just having some issues with getting it running and figuring out where to apply for a server lol. I think the problem is i need to upgrade to windows 10 and that would fix the crashing problem.

Welcome!! And no, not actually. I can run it on win7 just fine. Make a topic on forum, checkout FAQ or ask in the discord channel