Skin Animals RedM

Is there any script to enable animal skinning to get pelts and such?

Skinning should be baked in. Stowing on the other hand is not.

And how do i do that? Any idea?

Skin? Just walk up to the dead animal and hold E. You should see the prompt. As far as stowing on the horse, I haven’t figured it out completely yet. I’m working on it currently. First is a horse inventory system, then figuring out the animations.

Mmm, that’s interesting, i don’t have the option to skin any animal on my server, but i can stow it on the horse. It’s like the default option to skin animals is missing on the server. Maybe i had to clarify that i’m working on a RedM server.

Stowing carcass, yes, stowing skins, no. You need a knife in order to skin. Load up a knife and you should have the option.

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I’m dumb, thanks that was the problem. Really appreciate the help.

No one is dumb here. It’s the wild west (pun intended) and everyone is learning everything as fast as they can.

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If you ever figure out how to stow skins let me know pleas

I Don’t know if this is still relevant to you but I just font the stow animations for horse back in here (ctrl+f “stow”)

Doesn’t help with the issue of actually storing it but its a step. I’ll want this too (need it lol) so ill be working on figuring it out and if I do I’ll share it