Skilled exterior map developer available


A bit about me. I work extensively on development of friend’s server where I take care of exteriors and their functionality. We have good relationships within the community, however, due to certain family problems I need to take care of, I decided to see if there are other communitites I could help out in this area as well. As I don’t want to create waves within my community, I decided to post this ad under an alternative account, to keep my annonymity. That’s also the reason why I can’t showcase anything from my previous work. However, I’m happy to share a quick demo of a project you might be interested, so you see I’m legit. Here’s what I offer.

What I do:

  • custom exteriors/maps, 3D models, roads, bridges etc.
  • texturing, sometimes from scratch, any kind of a material needed
  • conversions of race tracks/environment from other games
  • forrestation, both by either custom models or GTA props
  • buildings (exteriors)
  • building optimised ymaps

What I can do for You:

  • create a map suited to your needs
  • connecting your already existing maps into “one” (no flying drift tracks in the sky)
  • transitions (bridges, ports etc.)
  • fixing your maps (wrong UVs, flickering textures, flipped normals etc.)
  • fixing/adding collisions
  • optimising or merging your maps (no crashes, quicker server booting, less HW taxation)
  • re-texturing, adding paralax textures and using other game shaders to improve poor quality of some older map releases
  • LODs


  • regular progress updates
  • depending on the scale of the project, delivery within days

What do I expect from You:

  • mature communication
  • upon agreement, 1/3 of the amount up front to my Tebex account, so I know you’re serious
  • when finished, I’ll screenshare you the final result and going to send all files after receiving the rest of the amount
  • you’ll get drag and drop FiveM resource and original .blend/3DS Max and FBX files + textures


Feel free to DM me for more info or inquiries.

Any proof of this work?

  • upon agreement, 1/3 of the amount up front to my T.ebe.x account, so I know you’re serious ??
    This seems a bit much considering you made this account 10 hours ago and show 0 evidence. Not saying you’re a scammer or anything i’m just generally looking for a sevice from you and don’t know how i can trust you?

Sheit ill throw you 100% of it if you can show proof of work

You have a good point. I can’t show any of my work, as it’s private and that would go against my low profile intention.

However, what I could do for you instead. DM me and tell me what you’re looking for. I might simply give you a quick demo of what I can do, a technical preview, if you will. At that point, you’ll have both proof of my skillset and first draft of your project. And from there, we can discuss additional terms from both sides. At the end of the day, this is something I enjoy, so why not.