Sin City Roleplay | San Andreas | FX | New | Looking for HR’s | Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to Sin City RP!

We are server based out of San Andreas! We are actively recruiting in ALL department’s. The departments we have to offer are Los Santos Police department, Blaine county Sheriffs Office, San Andreas state troopers and San Andreas fire department. We want our members to decide the type of roleplay. Our goal is to help our members improve their roleplaying experience by engaging in more fun, professional, roleplaying scenarios.

About the Server:

▸ VMenu
▸ Custom EUP
▸ Custom CAD
▸ We offer many departments for you to choose from.
▸ Random Event/ Giveaways
▸ Custom EUP
▸ Custom Cars
▸ Looking for Hr’s


Must be professional and mature at all times.
Must be respectful towards every member part of the community.
Must have a working microphone.
Once again, we are looking for professional, experienced, mature, and active members.

Join our discord for all information about Sin City Roleplay! If you have any questions please join our discord.

Are you interested? Join us today Sin City Roleplay <---- Click that to join Our Discord!
Hope to see you there!!

Thanks For Viewing See you soon!