SimpleSync: Highly configurable Time, Weather and Blackout synchronization

Yes, but I have not gotten any bug reports or feature requests so far.

Sweet just wanted to check. I had at the time of writing that checked that and spent hours researching and couldn’t get them to work.

As an update I managed to get exports working, there was some conflict with libraries I was using. Thanks for. The reply though :slight_smile:

Side note, folks on our server say it almost guaranteed rains at night. Not sure why but was noticed with latest fxserver binaries. Just an FYI

Why its not getting into night although i have put the timezone inside my server.cfg ? Its only daytime…

Make sure that the timezone is actually valid. Check the GitHub wiki for more information.

You addon can remove snow particles from cayo perico or not ?

I didn’t understood that question.

What snow particles in cayo perico?

Because we have snow particles when i have set the cayo perico on my server

I have set weather to static but weather is changing…
How can i set weather type instantly?