Simple clothe shop for RedM and RedemRP

Looks great!

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stupid question but how do you access the chat?.. to use command… its not the F8 console… i guess its ingame chat… the code got a RegisterCommand “loadcloath2”

“T” Keyboard

does nothing for me… is there a ressource i need to have ?

Maybe update the thread title to Outfit shop, this don’t use clothing components. It only changes complete outfits with the native:



Anyone else choosing clothes and clicking save but it only saves the hat? The other times it resets.
I noticed in the server console it says >>>

InvokNative: execution failed: Argument at index 1 was null.

Any suggestions?

you need money to buy the items

In case you haven’t yet figured it out (and for future people), you need to add the chat resource. To do that simply add ensure chat in your server.cfg.

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I fixed it on January 5 here No chatMessage

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how to we change the blips

How to find the menu in french ?
Like in your screenshot

Hello there!
How can i find this amazing icons?