Simple 911 script help

Using essential mode and starting to poke around at it. I have already made a users rank with 0 so anyone can use it…

I am trying to make /911 work and show a caller ID with the player name, Can anyone help me make it work ive tried it a few ways? Caller name does not appear

-- 911 Call
TriggerEvent('es:addAdminCommand', '911', permission.user, function(source, args, user)
	table.remove(args, 1)
	TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, "911 DISPATCH", {30, 144, 255}, "^1Caller ID: ^3" .. GetPlayerName(source) .. "^0"( .. table.concat(args, " "))
end, function(source, args, user)
	TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', source, "SYSTEM", {255, 0, 0}, "Insufficienct permissions!")

have you found a fix yet?

Thanks @SnowQT for the answer

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