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We are a vMenu, Whitelisted FiveM server. Based in Los Angeles! We are looking for active members in all departments. Our community is looking to provide the best role play experience for our members. Our goal is to help our members improve their role playing experience by engaging in more fun, professional, role playing scenarios. The community is looking for professional, mature, and experienced members. We strive to ensure no one is left behind. If you have any questions or are unsure on how to proceed. Please contact a staff member via the discord!

We Provide

Active Staff/Support Team
Custom LEO Vehicles, EUP, and Weapons.
Custom Fire Apparatus
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Custom Maps
Custom Scripts
Custom In Game Radio (1,000 Channels)


All members are required to be 16+ (Exceptions can be made)
Must be professional and mature at all times.
Must be respectful towards every member of the community.
Must have a working microphone.

We look forward to having you join us on the streets of Los Angeles. Take a moment to look through our different Departments that we have to offer! If you are interested in becoming apart of the community without a gaming PC, then we encourage you to join our Communications division. The Communications division allows those without the capabilities of physically joining us in game, to still have the ability to join and expand our team!

Civilian Operations
Los Angeles Police Department
California Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Fire & Rescue

We also have reserve programs for all departments! Civilian Departments such as “Benny’s Tow And Transportation” can be created and granted permission by an staff member.

Good RP on this server ! :muscle: :grin:

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