Silver Streak Roleplay. | New community | Semi-Serious/immersive Roleplay | VMenu based | Active Community | STAFF APPS OPEN

We are doing our first true rolePlay session tonight around 8:00pm. Come hop in and join us! You won’t be disappointed

Hello, my name is August, and I am the Staff Manager for Silver Streak Roleplay! I just want to provide you with the latest updates of this community, and the plans we’ve made for the community’s future.

We are upgrading our server plan to provide the BEST experience for you today. We will always try to strive for members all day and provide a great reputation for this server. Currently, we are looking for members who can be ‘mature’ and ‘responsible’ during roleplay sessions. If you feel as if you’re not welcomed in our community, just be patient as we may take a few minutes to respond to you, but you will be counted for.

We will always push out proper updates containing the utmost professionalism, maturity, and responsible tasks that will be pushed out on a regular basis. We will NEVER demote anyone based on ‘lack of knowledge’, and or ‘lack of training’ for staff. I will personally sit down with anyone who struggles with staffing, and TEACH them.

Our requirement(s) for staff consists of the following:
Proper Communication
Mature / Responsible
Calm, Cool, and Collective
Speak clear, concise, and comprehensive.

Join us today!

We have switched to a more stable host, we are no longer using ZAP Hosting, now we are using OVH Cloud. Come check us out today and hang out with us!

Staff apps are open! Looking for 1-2 people

Server is still up and functioning, looking for a few staff members!

Come join us today!

Come join us, we are having a roleplay session at 8:30pm est tonight!!!