Silver Streak Roleplay. | New community | Semi-Serious/immersive Roleplay | VMenu based | Active Community | STAFF APPS OPEN

Welcome! My name is Monk3yThund3r and I am one of the founders of SSRP. Here at SSRP we are devoted to having a safe community where people can come and talk about anything! We are a roleplaying server that is Vmenu based! We are dedicated to being a semi-serious roleplay server that has true immersion. We just started our community so its very fresh, who doesn’t love to start in a new community and make friends? Development has been finalized and we have released the server to the public!


  • San Andreas State Police, a department where we strive on integrity, dedication, and community outreach, this department is an apply only department. We are super quick with applications so expect your application to be reviewed and an answer given within hours! Custom Liveries were made for our vehicles! Applications are OPEN at this time

  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue a department where we are dedicated to protecting communities and keeping them safe! this department is an apply only department. We are super quick with applications so expect your application to be reviewed and an answer given within hours!
    Applications are OPEN at this time!

  • San Andreas Communications Department, We just started this department yesterday so we are getting the department set up and ready to serve the community! Applications are OPEN for this department at this time!


San Andreas State Patrol:

  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Trooper

Los Santos Police Department:

  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Officer

** Blaine County Sheriff Office

  • Sheriff
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Deputy

San Andreas Fire Rescue:

  • Firefighter
  • Engineer


  • Dispatch Operators

You can be a civilian right off the bat! No need to apply! We have hundreds of civilian cars for you to choose from! We also use a CAD system, Sonoran CAD, to enhance the roleplay within the server. Soon, we will be creating a civilian rank system where cars will be classed for different tiers, as well as roleplaying scenes, but that will be at a later date :slight_smile:

What you can expect when you join us

  1. Active Staff team
  2. Active member group
  3. Daily Roleplaying
  4. Semi-Serious/immersive Roleplay
    5: Weekly Community events
    6: Friendly and inclusive community!

Server information!
Discord: Silver Streak RP
Youtube: SilverStreakRP - YouTube
My personal Discord: monk3ythund3r#5594 (reach out to me with any questions!)

So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

We have launched the server to the public! Come check us out today, promise you won’t be disappointed. New server means new friends and new opportunities!

We have opened up a media team! This is tied in with advertisement and media! We are looking for outside members to bring in to run this team and be apart of this team! DM me or open a ticket in the discord and inquire within.

Our discord is rapidly growing! What are you waiting for? Just us and let the fun begin!

A bunch of scripts have just been added to enhance the roleplay! Come check them out!

Come join in for some go-karting fun :slight_smile:

Some scenery has been added! Blaine County is one beautiful place :wink:

We have just opened up BCSO! We are looking for a qualified candidate to run this department, think it could be you? Apply today!

We have filled the department head for BCSO! Both BCSO and LSPD will be opening very soon so join and apply today!

Our numbers are still climbing! Staff applications will be open for 1 day.

Pretty cool server, joined in and was treated with respect automatically. I feel like if your looking for another server which upholds the respect towards their members, does not play favoritism, straight forward, and simple I would definitely recommend this server. Since it’s a new server there will be ‘trial and error’ moments but it’s most definitely a respected server. They have pretty simple and straight forward rules, and if you end up violating their rules in roleplay, staff won’t just instantly jump in and ruin the roleplay, they’ll respect the roleplay until the roleplay scene is over.

New scripts are being added everyday! Come check us out!

LSPD applications are open!

10/10 server! Dedicated staff team! Servers still a wip but that’s what gives it its charm

Big ol 10/10! Active Staff, Very friendly. Overall great vibes

We have opened our BCSO Department head applications back up and are now accepting applications!

Dispatch applications as well as a dispatch department head position is now open! Come apply today

We have done major server maintenance and fine tuned everything for the best roleplay available!

We are ready for some roleplay! Come get on in here and let’s get this server active :slight_smile:

Check out the advertisement! We have added what whitelisted spots are open!