Silver Coast RP | Queensland, Australia Based RP | New Server | Join Today | Gangs | Police | Ambulance | LF Owner for Fire and Rescue

[:gear:] About Us: We’re a brand new FiveM Australian based RP. We prioritize every person in our server, we also have multiple jobs available to satisfy your tendencies such as a joinable gangs that YOU can make or join a pre-existing one, SCPF (Silver Coast Police Force), SCMS (Silver Coast Medical Service), SCFD (Silver Coast Fire Department) We’re looking for a owner for the SCFD join the server and DM a community manager or make a ticket if you’re interested. We’re also always open to suggestions and encourage everyone to join and give it a go. We’re a first-timer friendly server and aren’t the strictest people you’ll meet.

[:safety_pin:] What we offer

• Organized Server :books:

• Active Staff :man_judge:

• Always hiring for many different jobs :rotating_light:

• Healthy community for everyone :art:

• E-Girl Friendly :smiling_face:

• LGBTQ+ Friendly :rainbow_flag:

• Small Streamer Support :desktop_computer:

• Fair Moderation👨‍⚖️

[:question:] Teams We Offer

• Silver Coast Police Force :police_car:

• Silver Coast Medical Service :ambulance:

• Silver Coast Fire Department :fire_engine:

• Custom, out of RP jobs such as building and more! :brick:

• Gangs that you can make or join! :ninja:

• News channels, media, hot dog selling and more! :hotdog:

• Selling the “good stuff” for more reputation to earn more!:herb:

[:question:] What we are looking for

• Active members :video_game:

• People that know how to make chemistry around RP :male_detective:

• Australian/OCE Players :australia:

• Server Boosters :star:

• people over the age of 14+

• Trustworthy and loyal members :handshake:

[:white_check_mark:] We guarantee booster perks for boosting and subscribing to SCRP!

What are you waiting for?


Link: SilverCoast RP