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Apps are still open for THP (Tennessee Highway Patrol) and Civilian! Come join for some laughs, friends and RP…southern style lol. More info and how to apply can be found @

Apply today!

Bump. We are still recruiting! Here’s the recruitment video I posted a while ago! Visit to apply!

Hey all,
Signal 13 Gaming has just opened the Shelby County Sheriffs Office! If this interests you head on over to and hit the ¨Click to apply¨ button.
Applications are open for the following departments:
*Tennessee Highway Patrol
*Shelby County Sheriffs Office
*Shelby County Fire & Rescue
*Civilian Operations
If you have any questions about the Sheriffs Office feel free to join our discord and you can ask me @T. Costa | 9T-1#9405





THP (Tennessee Highway Patrol)
SCSO (Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office)
SCFR (Shelby Co. Fire & Rescue)
Civilian Department

S13 Discord:


Very welcoming server, Great staff team as well

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Bump… still recruiting members for law enforcement. Links to apply are above.


Still recruiting for LEO and Fire/EMS. Apply @

Apps open Friday!

Recently whitelisted! New custom civ cars and more! All departments are open. Apply at

The Signal 13 mechanics always find a way… lol

TokoVoip and Radio UI recently added.