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Signal 100 Roleplay

Who are we? Signal 100 RP is a roleplay community that was founded, June 28, 2021, hoping to bring an optimized, logical and enjoyable roleplaying server to the FiveM platform. We have developed far past this and continue to bring new, innovative features to improve the player experience along with custom features and updates the community may vote and request. We aim to be realistic, meaning we try to keep everything within the lore of the Los Santos and the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Main Features of the Server:

vMenu related Server
Server Anti-Cheat
vMenu Framework
Realistic Vehicle Handling
Realistically Trained LEO
Custom EUP (Uniforms, Clothing, etc)
Custom Made Scripts
Custom Vehicles for all LEO Departments & SAFR
Active Staff Team as well as an Active Development Team

What departments are open?
At the moment, every department is open and we are looking for Department Heads!


We hope so! Come join us at Signal 100 Roleplay. Visit our website at - or join our Discord at

Thank you everyone, hope to see you at SRP!